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Global Concord General Contracting

performs foundation excavations, total site development including, demolition, clearing, earthwork, utilities and site grading as well as specialty services such as footing excavation, equipment rental and material brokerage. We pride ourselves on our diverse background and experience. Whether the project is large or small, difficult or routine, we have a deeper grasp that enables Global Concord to satisfactorily complete all tasks and identify potential problems before they impact the project.Our Team consist of experienced project managers, estimators, and field employees. Our management team has a diverse background bringing knowledge and experience to all areas of general contracting and transporting. Our ability to build trusting relationships and unm.

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Main Road & Street Contracting
Bridges & Tunnels Contracting
Power Plants Projects
Rain Water Drainage
On Shore & Off Shore Oil & Gas Fields Services
Specialized Piping & Related Fitting Installation
All Kind of Building Project Contracting
Infrastructure & Earthwork


Global Concord is a major road building, site work, asphalt paving, and excavation contractor include one of the largest excavation, grading and asphalt equipment fleets in the UAE. We have the experience and equipment to perform each project quickly, safely and cost-efficiently We are involved! in all aspects of the project from start to finish to make sure that the project is completed timely, effeciently, and professionally. Quality and service are their top priorities. We can take your job, no matter the size, from the design stage to the final layer of asphalt We have vast experience in all types of road work, specializing in:

Local Roads
Private Drives
Commercial Parking Lots
Industrial Drives
Airport Runways & Taxiways


The challenge of bridge construction is maintaining or adding structures and bridges at a pace consistent with regional growth trends and capacity needs. Global Concord provides a full-service approach to designing and renovating highway, pedestrian, rail bridges, and other transportation structures to assist clients in meeting today's travel demands. Our solutions incorporate both traditional design and program management, as well as fast-track and design/build project delivery.


As part of its restructuring efforts, Global Concord has recently also ventured into renewable energy, aerated concrete production, and mining fields sectors. Energy drives our world and our economy, in total there are presently nine additional HPP projects under construction. As world currently holds one of the highest wind potentials in the region, Concord is also eager to invest in the Wind Power Plants (WPP). A series of WPP applications have therefore been constructed. Concord middle-term energy production target is estimated at around 1,5 billion kWh.


Services that can be provided include pipeline installation, anti-corrosion protective coating works, hydrostatic testing and pipeline cleaning/desinfection. Could perfrom civil engineering works including road works, earthworks,pipeline constrcution and dredging. Also capbale to provide hauling services for oil field trucking and material handling


We are experienced in pipeline construction, in a variety of locations and conditions. As a results-oriented pipeline contractor, we have earned an incomparable reputation for quality construction. For nearly thee decades, BNGCC has provided a broad scope of pipeline construction services to public and private entities. As we have expanded our capabilities over the years, one fact has remained constant. our people are our greatest asset. Our highly qualified staff accurately estimate costs and effectively manage the many facets of project design and implementation. We believe that pipeline projects require skillful management of safety, schedule and costs.


Global Concord provides a number of construction services for the waste/water treatment plant industry. Managing from site work, infrastructure, utilities, underground piping and pond construction. Also water drainage which is a a very important feature of road construction.New roads include designed drainage systems intended to remove water efficiently from the surface of the highway to provide a safe passage for all vehicles and pedestrians.Drainage is an essential component in the pavement's good mechanical behavior and thus makes a significant contribution to the durability of road structures.


Residential, commercial, government or recreational construction projects are all well within Global Concord expertise. We have proven our ability for many decades and look forward to providing exceptional service on your next project! Clients are assured of the ability to open new or expanded projects on schedule, within budget & time.


Global Concord is equipped to demolish a variety of structures and challenging projects. Our expert staff, specialized equipment and our knowledge and experience in permit and approval requirements for demolition projects ensures that each contract is completed in a timely manner. The demolition contractor of choice for projects of any size. Qualified and ready to perform planned demolitions of derelict industrial complexes, technical high-rise dismantling in dense urban surroundings BNGCC is the one firm that can professionally execute any skilled demolition challenge.


Complete commercial and residential junk removal service for Developers and Contractors. clean-outs involving the removal of all the contents of a particular structure. For more than 25 years, Global Concord has torn down hundreds of buildings for hundreds of clients. These buildings have ranged from residential to commercial buildings.We have all the demolition, and Debris Clearing service equipment needed to handle the most complex and difficult projects. We are constantly adding to our inventory. Not only do we possess the right tools and equipment, we possess the know how to handle all project issues.